We are pleased to report that HMT St Hugh’s Hospital is classified as a Super Green site, meaning that it is as clean and as safe as it can be for patients.

We have adapted the way we operate to increase patient safety during the Covid 19 pandemic. Although your visit to HMT St Hugh’s Hospital will look a little different to how it did before, we continue to offer exemplary patient care.

Your patient journey has changed in a few important ways to limit the number of people in the hospital and to ensure social distancing at all times.

We follow the advice and guidance outlined by the Royal College of Physicians, NHS England and the UK Government and review this on a regular basis.

Please read on to find out about the changes we have made.


  • When attending St Hugh’s for an Outpatient appointment please follow the signs for the Outpatient entrance at the right hand side of the hospital
  • You will receive a letter from us ahead of your appointment with information about access and safety
  • Please arrive at your appointment time or wait in your vehicle until called
  • Your temperature will be taken on arrival
  • We will also give you a mask and hand sanitiser on arrival
  • Due to the current situation, ALL patients should attend their appointment alone, However if you require a Family member, carer or friend with you to actively engage in your consultation and assist in your decision making this can be arranged. Please contact our Appointments team on 01472 251100 .
  • Our waiting rooms have been set out for social distancing and are cleaned regularly
  • Your consultant will come and invite you into a consultation room


  • You will receive a letter from us prior to your hospital stay with information and advice on patient safety
  • 72 hours before your procedure you will have a Covid test and be asked to isolate until your procedure
  • Upon receiving a negative result, you will be notified that your procedure will go ahead
  • You will follow the same procedures for outpatients in terms of arriving at the hospital and being provided with PPE
  • There will be no visitors allowed on the ward at present. Exceptions can be made if required


  • We wear full PPE
  • All of us – staff and consultants – are tested for Covid every two weeks
  • We regularly have our temperatures taken
  • We have had additional training on Covid safety