We have some of the shortest waiting times in England for NHS patients. Waiting times are even shorter for private and insured patients.

Please note that our actual waiting times may differ from those that are visible within GP practices. This is because we are supporting NHS hospitals and inherit the waiting times of long waiting patients. For example a GP may see a waiting time for 35 weeks for Cataract procedures when in fact we receive a patient who has been waiting 30 weeks and would treat them in 5 weeks. The table below informs both patients and GP’s of our average NHS waiting times so that you can make the most informed decisions where you receive your care. We are proud to maintain amongst the shortest NHS waiting times in the country. 

Choose to transfer your care to HMT St Hugh’s and here are the expected waiting times as of 20/05/24

SpecialityAppointment Waiting TimeSurgical Waiting Time
Knee / ACL Surgery1 Week6 Weeks
Hip Surgery1 Week6 Weeks
Shoulder Surgery2 Weeks7 Weeks
Hand / CTS Surgery2 Weeks7 Weeks
Lap Chole / Hernia Surgery1 Week8 Weeks
Urology2 Weeks8 Weeks
Cataract Surgery1 Week5 Weeks
Gynaecology3 Weeks11 Weeks
At HMT St Hugh’s Hospital we are with you every step of the way, from initial consultation and diagnostic tests or investigation right through to treatment, post-operative care and rehabilitation.

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