A Word from Our Cosmetic Sister

It’s no secret that having cosmetic surgery is a very personal, intimate decision and is often made with the end goal of becoming the ideal version of ourselves.

Though this is obviously a major part of having a cosmetic treatment, there are many steps leading up to the final result that you must consider first.

Our Cosmetic Sister Sarah Grantham is on hand at St Hugh’s to offer advice for any patients who are considering or are already in the process of having a cosmetic treatment.

She said: “Everyone at St Hugh’s plays a different part in improving the patient experience; clinical staff are always around to offer advice and assistance wherever needed, and the administrative staff are friendly and happy to help.

“My role involves ensuring patients are given five-star treatment from beginning to end and beyond.

“Fortunately, I have 20 years’ worth of knowledge and experience of caring for both surgical and non-surgical patients in the private sector and the NHS, so I can ensure people receive the finest care tailored to their needs.

“My future with St Hugh’s is set to be very exciting; the cosmetics department is undergoing some big changes which will bring new opportunities to patients and I’m very happy to be a part of that.

“The environment at St Hugh’s Hospital excels within clinical standards and best practice is followed at all times.

“Whether you’ve had a cosmetic treatment before or you’re completely new to the process, all St Hugh’s colleagues are completely non-judgmental and it is their job to help you become the best version of yourself.”

To find out more about the cosmetic procedures we offer at St Hugh’s Hospital, visit our treatments page.