Nod of approval for complaints process

You know how important your feedback is to us here at St Hugh’s – it’s central to everything we do.

So we are delighted to have been highlighted by ISCAS, the Independent Sector Complaints Adjudication Service, as an example of good practice.

The organisation helps to handle and resolve patient complaints and is the recognised independent adjudicator for complaints in the private healthcare sector.

Ashley Brown, director of St Hugh’s Hospital, said: “We actively encourage feedback from all patients who visit our hospital. The outstanding feedback we receive is something that makes us most proud of the service we deliver, but occasionally we may fall short of patient expectations.

“Our managers and senior leadership team review all feedback on a daily basis and strive to learn from every piece received, good or bad. It is vital that we learn about as many patient experiences as possible so we can continually improve.

“We find that even when care has been delivered well, there are minor details that can still be improved on – as we believe that quality healthcare goes far beyond the core expectations of safe and effective treatment.

“Our ethos is to treat every patient with dignity and compassion, showing best of humanity throughout the patient journey. We believe this is what sets us apart, and why patients place their trust in us.

“We also work closely with other providers, sharing best practice, lessons learned and improvements not only within our organisation but also throughout our NHS partners. And likewise, we learn from the improvements made in other organisations.

“Occasionally a patient may have a complaint that requires us to investigate concerns or complaints with another hospital or GP surgery. This level of collaboration is essential to making real improvements to the care our local population can expect.”

In a recent ISCAS newsletter, St Hugh’s was praised for the section of our website which clearly explains how we deal with complaints, what a patient can expect, and where else they can contact.

If you would have visited St Hugh’s recently and would like to provide feedback, find out more here:

Or if you would like to read examples of the feedback received from our patients, find them on our social media channels.