Bev’s Journey – from Housekeeper to Registered Nurse.

Beverley Pexman’s career at St Hugh’s Hospital began over a decade ago, a shift from her previous work in a supermarket. Seeking more fulfilling work, she ventured into the caring profession, initially in a care home before finding her way to St Hugh’s Hospital. She joined the team as a housekeeper, knowing it would be a foot in the door for her career and has been here for over 13 years.

Bev then completed a year’s training at Grimsby Institute on an access course while working at the hospital as a support worker, but Bev’s journey was not without its hurdles.

She explains: “It was only when I went to the Institute that I realised that I had an issue, and they did too, so I had some assessments and they showed that I am dyslexic and dysphasic and that I also have dyscalculia. I had to deal with that on my own for all that time; I’ve come home in tears, thinking I couldn’t do it, but in a way that urged me on to overcome it even more!”

Supported by St Hugh’s Hospital, Bev embarked on a 3-year nursing degree at the University of Hull, a decision that set her on the path to her dream job.

She said: “At university, the lectures were so high-speed and quick that I couldn’t write notes fast enough, so I used to record them and then come home and listen to them all over again, sometimes more than once. It felt like double the work and was tiring at times. But I did it! It was like a whirlwind.”

Today, as a pre-assessment nurse, Bev’s role is crucial in ensuring patients receive the care and support they need before their procedures. On a typical day, Bev starts early at 7:30 am and helps up to 7 patients throughout the day. She performs various tasks such as observations, paperwork, ECGs, and blood work. Her focus is on learning about her patients’ medical history and providing the best standard of care.

She added: “It’s in my nature to want to continue learning and using my skills to the best I can. Working with patients, and seeing them achieve what they want to achieve, is a fantastic feeling.”

For Bev, St Hugh’s Hospital is all about its people, which keeps her passion alive. She says, “The heart of this place is its people.”

Outside of work, Bev enjoys staying fit and spending quality time with her husband and family, especially her two-year-old grandson, Mason.