Case Study: “I have lids – like, full-on lids!”

“Before my surgery, I would research options on the internet on how I could improve my hooded eyes. I would buy all different products that never really helped me, or that made me feel any better.”

From internet videos to beauty products and make-up, nothing Emma did improved how she felt about her hooded eyes. Here she tells us more about her experience, and her decision to have surgery at St Hugh’s Hospital.

“I would watch tutorials on the internet on how to apply make-up, I would buy different make-up to try and high light my eyes and make them feel bigger, but nothing I did improved how I looked or how I felt. I did not wear make-up during the day as there was no point, due to not being able to see it.

“I saw an advertisement for St Hugh’s Hospital and cosmetic surgery and made an appointment. I met Mr Riaz and Cosmetics Sister Sarah, and both straight away made me feel very comfortable in the unfamiliar circumstances. 

“After some routine questions about my eyes, Mr Riaz presented images of previous patients, before and after surgery – and my mind was made up. I booked my next appointment, for the consultation before my operation, and this included taking photographs of my face at two different angles and answering any questions I had about my upcoming surgery. Again, Mr Riaz and Sarah were amazing and I felt comfortable the whole time.”

Soon it was time for Emma to attend the hospital for her procedure, and she praised the entire team – from the moment she walked in.

“They reassured me throughout my stay and attended to all my needs and more. All the staff were kind, friendly, funny, supportive and welcoming, and the food was great. After surgery, I came round from the anaesthetic and I could not wait to see my new eyes!

“I took off the eyepads and took a picture. Amazing, amazing, amazing! Don’t get me wrong – it was a little uncomfortable but wow… I had eyelids!

“I wore eyepads, kept cool, for 10 days and then returned to see Sarah for a check-up. All was looking good and the next appointment involved removing my stitches.”

This the part of Emma’s entire journey, she admitted, was the part she was terrified of.

“That was my nightmare,” she said, “the only thing I was totally and utterly scared of. Well, I don’t know why… Sarah removed them for me, and she was so gentle, soft, and caring – oh, and very patient (I am a pain!), and I didn’t feel a thing.”

Three months post-op, Emma has no trace of surgery but for a very tiny scar on her right eye.

“I am over the moon,” she said. “In time, the scar will disappear, I am sure… and if not, it’s okay as I have lids – like, full-on lids!  I went out and brought myself all new make-up, as new eyes deserve new make-up. 

“I was so excited to try it and after about an hour of applying, I showed my daughter to find that I really do need practice and how to apply… YouTube it is!

“In all seriousness though, St Hugh’s is a must for any surgery – and a definite for cosmetic eye surgery.”

*Emma is not the patient’s real name; permission has been granted share this story.