Celebrating World Radiography Day

It’s World Radiography Day, celebrating the hundreds of radiologists and radiographers who support patients across the globe.

Today, November 8, marks the anniversary of the discovery of x-rays (x-radiation) in 1895 by Wilhelm Roentgen, and we are joining colleagues around the world in highlighting radiography’s crucial contribution to modern-day healthcare. It plays a vital part in patients’ diagnosis and treatment, and it is a very rewarding career, too.

The awareness day is held through a variety of organisations and societies, and we are marking it at St Hugh’s Hospital today thanks to our radiography team. They are holding a cake sale – stacked to the brim with delicious cakes and bakes – to raise money for Marie Curie, the charity named after the Nobel prize-winning chemist who carried out pioneering work in the field of radioactivity. She discovered radium and polonium and is remembered for her contribution to finding treatments for cancer.

There is the chance for staff and visitors to the hospital today to discover more about Marie Curie herself, and her influence on radiology over the years and now.

For more information about a career in radiography, or to find out more about the sector, visit the Society of Radiographers website at www.sor.org