Free Cosmetic Surgery Consultations

The purpose of the mini consultation is to provide an insight into the cosmetic surgical procedure in which the patient is interested. We offer an extensive range of cosmetic procedures for both men and women to reduce the effects of ageing or to help change the appearance of a body part you’re self-conscious about.

A successful consultation will educate you about your options and put your mind at ease before scheduling any surgery.

A good consultation is split between an interview, a learning experience, and to see the possibilities of what plastic surgery can achieve for you.


It’s very much a two-way conversation that will help you answer three major questions:

  • Is plastic surgery the right option for me?
  • If so, which procedure or procedures are appropriate?
  • Which surgeon do I want to perform my procedures?
  • Would I be a good candidate for the surgery?
  • What would be involved – pre-surgery, on the day and recovering?
  • How long would I need off work?
  • Costs?
  • Alternatives to surgery?


As well as aesthetic and skin care assessments and advice. No question too small.

Call Sarah on 01472 251100  or email for more details.