Highlighting World Hand Hygiene Day 2022

From hand-washing techniques to interactive activities, staff and patients at St Hugh’s Hospital joined forces to mark World Hand Hygiene Day last Thursday.

Organised by WHO, it’s the global ‘clean your hands’ campaign that’s celebrated annually to highlight hand hygiene in health care. It calls on healthcare workers and facilities to achieve good, effective hand hygiene at the point of care – in other words, where the patient, the professional, and the treatment come together.

And we supported the campaign this year, not only by running a week-long information series on our social media channels, but also within our hospital itself, with displays and activities for all on the site.

Events on the day were organised by Samantha Marsh, our infection control lead, and her team. She said: “We look after patients and ourselves by following WHO’s approach to cleaning hands. There are five stages: before touching a patient; before clean/aseptic procedures; after body fluid exposure/risk; after touching a patient; and after touching patient surroundings. Make clean hands your habit – it protects us all.”