How Breast Reduction Surgery Can Change Lives

By Sarah Grantham, Cosmetic Sister

Every so often in my work, I come across a patient for whom the impact of surgery goes further than the changes we make. Their stories stay with me and remind me why I do what I do.

One particular case that especially stands out to me is that of a lady whose breast reduction surgery transformed her life.

This patient had size 34JJ breasts which had crippling effects on her quality of life. She came to St Hugh’s in search of a new lease of life.

I received the following letter from her, dated 2nd October 2019, which details her story and touches me every time I read it.

“I have just been for my three-month check-up after my breast reduction surgery with Mr Riaz.

“He told me at my first consultation that, for me, the operation was more than just cosmetic surgery and it would change my life; boy, was he right!

“At the gym I used to put my bra on in the shower because I was embarrassed about the way I looked. I suffered from continual backache, had bra straps digging into my shoulders and painful soreness under my breasts. I spent every day applying cream and talc and putting tissues inside my bra in a desperate effort to ease the soreness.

“I suffered depression at times, when they were really sore. It badly affected my confidence and there were occasions when I couldn’t find anything nice to wear because of my shape; being a 34JJ made it look like I had a rubber ring underneath my clothes.

“One day I thought enough is enough. I decided to have them reduced.

“Initially I was a little uncertain about having such a big operation, but I finally made an appointment at St Hugh’s Hospital. My nerves were eased after talking to a lovely nurse and I saw Mr Riaz a month later.

“I had to get over the embarrassment of undressing so that my breasts were on show and was immediately reassured by Mr Riaz’s confidence that he could greatly improve the way I look.

“Another hurdle to overcome was going for a mammogram as it was something I had avoided in the past, because of my breast size, but I knew it would be worth it in the end.

“The technician could see I was nervous about it, so I explained what I had planned. She told me that of the hundreds of ladies she sees, the ones who have had a reduction never regret it.

“My next appointment with Mr Riaz was to make arrangements and set a date for the operation, and I knew that having to undress and have photographs taken was a small price to pay for what was to come.

“The next time I went to St Hugh’s Hospital was to pay for the surgery. When I told the lady on reception what was planned she said she was jealous, as she also wanted to have the surgery done. The way she related to my struggles made me feel like I was talking to myself and I left feeling like I wasn’t the freak I always thought I was.

“After the operation, I was able to get back into the gym just two weeks later. People came up to me and asked me what diet I’d been on, as they noticed how different I looked. They were surprised when I told them what I’d had done but all thought I looked great and told me how happy I looked.

“I am so pleased I had the operation. I wake up every morning and feel so happy; I never regret a thing. Yes, there was some pain and discomfort after the operation, and it’s taken some time to adjust to my clothes fitting me better, but bras and swimwear no longer cost a fortune or have to contain loads of ‘scaffolding’ to contain my shape.

“I’ve gone from a person who hated her breasts and avoided looking in the mirror to someone who now loves the way they look. I’m no longer afraid to check myself out in the mirror and I now love the skin I’m in.

“To Mr Riaz, thank you doesn’t seem enough. He said he would change my life and he really has. The mammogram technician said I wouldn’t regret it and I haven’t.

“My husband was worried before my procedure but now admits he can see a vast change in me and a much happier person has been revealed. The one regret I do have is that I wasn’t able to have the procedure sooner.”

To find out more about breast reduction surgery at St Hugh’s Hospital, visit our dedicated page for the treatment.