‘I knew it was the right time’

For some, making changes to their appearance is a long-held desire, and taking those first steps towards making a dream become reality can sometimes be years in the making.

This is true for Isabella, who has recently undergone breast augmentation at St Hugh’s Hospital. After many years of wanting a fuller chest, and although learning to be comfortable with the size she was, she took those first steps when she finally felt ready – and the research she carried out herself beforehand helped her come to the decision that surgery was right for her.

So, I’ve always been smallchested barely anything there,” she explained. “Really, from about 12 years old I’ve always wanted boobs and I waitedand I never got them. So, when I turned 18, I really wanted a boob job because I didn’t like how flat I was and always felt like I had a childlike body, but I didn’t want to rush into anything, so I left it and kept thinking about it.

Fastforward five years when I turned 23 and I’m now financially able to go ahead but also,I feel like I’ve grown up in these last five years and because I still wanted to go ahead with the procedure, I knew it was the right timing for me.

After a lot of research and speaking to a lot of people who have had theirs done, I decided it was the right time and decision for me to too.

I watched many YouTube videos of other people’s experiences and I also spoke to a lot of people who have had the procedure done. The reason I went for St Hugh’s Hospital is because I heard so many good things from people who had been there, and with it also being round the corner from me, it felt like a nobrainer. As soon as I had my first consultation with consultant Mr Riaz and cosmetics sister Sarah Grantham, I knew it was the perfect place for me. I felt so at ease with them both.

 I think because I’ve always dreamed about having boobs and for the last five years have been thinking about the decision and doing my research, I didn’t have any doubts. However, I was comfortable in my body before surgery with small boobs and had learned to live with the fact that I wouldn’t grow boobs, so I did have thoughts about what if I missed having small boobs and regret getting it done but I knew that once I had the surgery, I wouldn’t think like that as it’s something I’ve always wanted.

Isabella’s procedure was the first time she’d ever had surgery.

My memories of the day itself are really positive,” she said. “I was checked into my private room, followed by some blood tests and so on, then I got ready into my gown and stockings and watched TV for about an hour until it was time to go to theatre.

I was put to sleep and woke up in my room again about three hours later and I felt absolutely amazing. I stayed up for the full day. I had the loveliest nurses and I just had food and chilled out as I had an overnight stay.

My family and boyfriend came to visit, and I was just so happy. I was on cloud nine! My experience was 10/10 and I would do it all over again.

Before she knew it, Isabella was back home. She said: “I was so blessed with how well I coped after surgery and with my recovery.

I didn’t have any pain really it was just sometimes a bit of an uncomfortable pain. You definitely need someone for the first five to seven days to help. I had someone make me foodand drinks so I didn’t struggle.

I noticed for the first two weeks I was very out of breath doing anything. This was because Iwas getting used to the new pressure on my chest and also because you naturally hold your posture for the first week or two arched over like your protecting yourself without even realising it, so you don’t get full breaths in… you just have to pace yourself.

And what did she think of the result?

I was just over the moon and so happy I went ahead with the procedure! Everybody I’ve shown have said how amazing they are and how much they suit my body, like they were made for my body that’s how amazing and natural they look.

My confidence now is through the roof. I just feel so happy and content, and I can’t thank Mr Riaz for how amazing he has been. He really is the best and knows exactly what will look nice and natural and suit your body.

Finally, Isabella has these words of advice for anyone considering a procedure. I would say definitely do your research. YouTube videos really help and also try to speak to people who have had it done to give you an insight to what you need to be thinking about.

For more information about the cosmetic treatments available at St Hugh’s Hospital, visit hmtsthughs.org/treatments