International Nurses Day 2022

Today is International Nurses Day, celebrated around the world every May 12 the anniversary of Florence Nightingales birth – and do we have a treat for you!

It is supported by many organisations around the world, St Hugh’s Hospital included, with some of them choosing their own ways to highlight what’s important about nursing to them.

We are marking IND 2022 on site in Peaks Lane thanks to the hard work of staff here, who have taken time out of their busy schedules to create fantastic displays around the hospital, celebrating not only the international flavour of the campaign, but also the historical importance of the development of nursing and examples of feedback from patients today. Staff have meticulously researched how nursing uniforms have changed through time, too.

The outpatient department’s theme is ‘Nursing is a Work of the Heart’, focussing on how nurses themselves celebrate IND around the world, and the theme on the wards is nursing uniforms through time and using the Royal College of Nursing’s #BestOfNursing hashtag (see below).


And here’s yet another treat… our entire endoscopy department has made a video… we’re not going to describe it… just make sure you have a watch – and sing along! It’s a work of art, as well of the heart. Keep an eye out on our social media accounts throughout today for all sorts of IND goodies.

IND 2022, organised by the International Council of Nurses, is of course held on a very significant date, May 12 being the birthday of perhaps the world’s most famous nurse, Florence Nightingale. Credited as the founder of modern nursing, she was a social reformer and a pioneer in statistics. Known as the Lady of the Lamp because of her night-time vigils of patients during the Crimean War, her later work is said to have professionalised nursing roles for women.

As part of today’s campaign, the Royal College of Nursing in the UK has adopted the theme of #BestOfNursing, celebrating the difference nursing staff make to patients’ lives – a chance, it says, for us to say thanks to the nurses who’ve helped us. The organisation is encouraging people to post on social media using the #BestOfNursing hashtag to share stories… a colleague you work with, or care you or a loved one have received from a nurse.

Don’t forget to tag St Hugh’s Hospital, too. We’d love to hear how our nurses have helped you.