Nursing through the Ages

How many names and faces do you recognise?

To mark the recent International Nurses Day celebrations at St Hugh’s, nurse Lynda Mennell created this amazing display highlighting nursing through the ages.

“The idea came for something that would relate to International Nurses Day that was a bit more informative,” she explains. “I decided to include 30 influential nurses through history, including nurses I thought had an interesting back story.  

“As for myself I have been a nurse for three years this October. I used to work in hospitality, and after having four children I thought I would change direction.

“I have been working for St Hugh’s since December 2019. I actually didn’t choose nursing – it choose me. I volunteered at our local hospital after I had my youngest child, and I loved it.

“The ward sister offered me a job there, but I had to decline as I had a full-time job at the time. She then signposted me to a university course… and the rest is, as they say, history.”