St Hugh’s Star Achieves Dream of Becoming Nurse

We’re committed to nurturing and encouraging the development of our staff, and Beverley Pexman is just one example of this; thanks to funding from us, she’s been able to realise her dream of becoming a nurse.

Beverley joined St Hugh’s as a housekeeper in 2010 and began working her way through various departments at the hospital, before training to become a registered nurse.

While building strong relationships with staff and patients throughout the last nine years, Beverley has maintained her ambition of eventually becoming a nurse.

Now, after completing her three-year course which included a dissertation and several work placements, she’s told us that she is excited to return to St Hugh’s as a qualified nurse this September and continue learning along the way.

Beverley’s journey was not without its challenges, but she didn’t let her dyslexia and dyspraxia hold her back and still had a persistent desire to carry on.

She said: “Every day was a challenge, but I learnt so much from both the good and bad, and I will continue striving to learn and carry on using my skills.

“The biggest challenge was retraining my brain; I didn’t start nursing until the age of 39, but I’ve just become stronger and stronger and it’s a fantastic feeling.

“Seeing patients get better, doing my best for them, and putting a smile on their faces gives me a buzz; it’s what I’ve wanted to do for so long.

“The team at St Hugh’s gave me the confidence to believe in myself. They told me I could do it and really believed in me, so I want to say a massive thank you to them for all their ongoing support.

“All I want is to be and do the very best that I can as a nurse. I hope I’ve made St Hugh’s proud, and I know that I will continue to make them proud from September onwards.”

As part of her training, Beverley had to undertake a series of work placements at various hospitals to gain hands-on experience in the field.

Her enthusiasm was hugely rewarded by those who worked with Beverley on her placements.

Liz Oke, Head of Clinical Service at St Hugh’s, said: “We’re looking forward to having Beverley back on the team when she starts in September– she’s always welcome here.

“I am looking forward to working with Beverley as she’s a real personality – she’s very enthusiastic, conscientious and always willing to learn.

“I think she will bring new ideas to the team because she’s got experience working in lots of different areas of the hospital, which is an advantage as she’ll understand how all departments in the hospital work.

“She has been given so much support at St Hugh’s to work her way up, which is fantastic.

“It’s going to be a new learning curve for her, but we’re excited to help her smoothly transition into her new role and can’t wait to have her back with everyone here.”

Our Hospital Director Ashley Brown said: “It’s so rewarding to see one of our colleagues work her way up through different departments in the hospital and we can’t wait to welcome Beverley as a dedicated nurse in September.

“She already knows her way around the hospital like the back of her hand, so she’s certainly a valuable member of the team and we’re hoping she’ll settle back in nicely.

“To have staff members who have shown such a commitment to looking after our patients, as Beverley certainly has, is fantastic; it’s what St Hugh’s is all about.”

Congratulations to Beverley, whose hard work is a testament to resilience and self-belief. We’re looking forward to welcoming her back to St Hugh’s in her new role!