Stop the spread this winter

It’s that time of the year… when sniffles and colds and – worse – flu starts doing the rounds.

All of us are well aware of how important it is to have your flu jab, even more so as Covid-19 continues to be a challenge. In a hospital environment, we do everything we can to keep patients safe – and that’s why flu is the current focus of our infection control team.

Sam Marsh, the IPC lead at St Hugh’s, said: “Naturally there are stringent measures in place at St Hugh’s to reduce the spread of viruses like flu and Covid-19; in fact, many of the measures we undertook during the height of the pandemic are here to stay, and we are pleased to be a designated ‘super green’ Covid-safe hospital.

“But people coming into the hospital – that’s staff, too – must not be complacent. Since the Government has eased coronavirus restrictions, people are mixing more, and that means the chance of catching a virus increases.

“It’s easy for us to pass on them without knowing. We are supporting the NHS’s message about the two essential vaccines you’ll need to protect you, your loved ones, friends, and others around you. These are the flu vaccine and the Covid-19 booster.

“Viruses can be dangerous, and we can all play a part in stopping the spread this winter. Vaccines are the best protection we have, so take the opportunity to top up your immunity.”

Find out if you are eligible by visiting, or look out for your winter vaccinations invitation.

And watch this space for fun facts and information… we’ll soon be posting photos of the display the infection control team is creating.