Supporting communities through care and research

What do you know about St Hugh’s Hospital’s parent organisation, the Healthcare Management Trust?

HMT is a charitable organisation which supports communities through care and treatment, and research, and promotes healthy lifestyles and education.

As part of the HMT family, St Hugh’s Hospital delivers not-for-profit healthcare, actively working alongside the NHS, local authorities, and other charities to improve the health of people in North East Lincolnshire and the wider area.

St Hugh’s is one of two independent HMT hospitals, the other being Sancta Maria in Swansea. HMT also operates two care homes, in Kent and Hampshire. It also provides a broad range of consultancy and management services for the wider acute healthcare sector.

Through this, the charity utilises some of its annual financial surplus to fund research projects and PhD grants, especially in the field of dementia (read about what St Hugh’s Hospital does specifically for dementia in our area here ). Since 2018, the charity has made grants totalling £1.5 million. It also works directly with charities in the areas its services are located within.

Perhaps the greatest public health challenges facing our society today is the impact of an aging population,” said HMT. “Therefore, we have made the aging process and dementia the focus of our wider charitable work, partnering with organisations and academic institutions already working in the field to financially support the valuable research and educational work they do.

Our financial surpluses are therefore currently directed towards funding community services targeting loneliness and improving mobility in the older person, providing grant funding for pure and applied dementia research grants, as well as promoting a whole life approach to healthy lifestyles.


With an ethos that puts care, health and well-being, community support and research at its heart, St Hugh’s Hospital is proud to uphold the HMT’s approach. Find out more about HMT here.