Who’s behind the mask? #5

We’re finding out more about the people you might meet at St Hugh’s. Next up in our Who’s Behind The Mask series is Lily Hunt.

Name: Lily Hunt

Job title: Ward Administrator

How long have you been at SHH: 
I’ve been at SHH for around a year and a half now all together but in multiple different departments. 

What you love about your job: 
I love it on the ward as it is always fast paced with something to do and there’s always different people to talk,  so each day is different.

What do you do to relax? 
Theres not really a lot we can do at the minute to relax other than walking my dog. Me and my partner have just bought our first house so at the minute we’ve been keeping ourselves busy packing boxes and shopping for furniture and bits for our new home, which we’ve actually really enjoyed. But in a normal world we relax by going paddle boarding at the beach or going out to eat/drink with our friends. 

Describe yourself in 3 words:
honest, creative and helpful.

What song is guaranteed to get you on your feet, and why?
I would say Scrubs. It was one of my friends’ favourite songs and she would always drag me out of my seat just so I would dance with her. (pre-covid) So now it’s just second nature to me that I have to sing and dance to it.