Choose St Hugh’s Hospital

Choose St Hugh’s Hospital for your NHS procedure and you could access our NHS service with outstanding clinical outcomes within weeks of your referral.

We work closely as a valued partner of the wider NHS system to improve the access patients have to their services and reduce the pressures faced by NHS hospitals, which in turn allows increased focus on high complexity and urgent services.

If you’re an NHS patient and it’s clinically appropriate, you can choose to come to St Hugh’s instead of your local NHS hospital – a right you might not be aware of.

It’s called Choose and Book, and we are now fully open for all new referrals and all specialities, but especially orthopaedics.

We specialise in hip and knee procedures, where patients are currently seen within two weeks.

For surgery, usually we commit to the NHS target of treating patients within 18 weeks of referral, and currently perform well inside this completing for most patients within 8-10 weeks from the point of referral. All we need is a referral from your GP, whether that’s NHS or private.

“We are delighted to support our partners across the NHS,” said Ashley Brown, the director of St Hugh’s Hospital. “To be able to treat a patient in a considerably shorter timescale than is usual is not only great for patients, but relieves pressures within NHS Trusts where priority is given to urgent patients who cannot be treated in alternative locations.

“We have long supported our regional NHS Trusts to treat patients, but even more so during the coronavirus pandemic as we support the national Elective Recover Programme.

“Many patients do not appreciate that they can be referred directly to SHH by their GP for NHS treatment, gaining speedier access to services and helping to reduce NHS burden.”

With en-suite rooms and facilities often described as five-star hotel-style luxury in the feedback we receive, St Hugh’s also offers the huge bonus of free on-site parking.

Additional covid-safe protocols are also in place to ensure we maintain our Super Green Site status; this means it is as clean and as safe as it can be for patients (view our Covid-19 measures here:

For a number of years, the majority of activity within St Hugh’s – a registered charity – has supported the NHS, collaborating with hospitals in Grimsby, Scunthorpe, Hull and Lincoln to treat specialities including orthopaedics, general surgery, ophthalmology and gynaecology.

Ashley said: “Independent health care and the NHS are traditionally seen as two separate entities when, for a long time now, patients have had the right to choose where they are treated, irrespective of how the treatment is being paid.

“Choosing where to be treated is important, as clinicians and researchers agree that if you choose a hospital in which you feel comfortable and confident, you’re likely to improve both the result of your treatment and your experience while you are in hospital.

“St Hugh’s Hospital is part of a UK-wide Choose and Book service, which allows patients to select where they would like to receive their treatment at a time that is convenient for them. It offers greater flexibility for patients to select the right healthcare provider for their specific needs. If location or transport is an issue, it’s great to know that you’re able to select a hospital or clinic close to home. You can also book your appointment at a time to suit you, which is ideal if you have to juggle work, childcare or looking after elderly relatives.”

Essentially, people can specify which organisation provides their care at the point a GP refers them to a specialist. So, the patient can choose where to see them, and which consultant-led team will look after them. The care provided by St Hugh’s is of the same high standard, regardless of who is paying for the treatment – and there is no extra cost to the NHS, either.

Ashley continued: “Sometimes decisions on where you want to be treated are made there and then in the GP consulting room, so it makes sense to be prepared to ask the right questions. Some providers have exclusion criteria, such as past medical history, which may mean you are not suitable for treatment in that hospital or treatment centre. Your GP will be able to advise you.

“Once you have been referred for treatment by your GP, if it’s convenient, you can book your appointment before you leave the practice. They will send the appointment booking to us electronically and give you a copy of the details. If you need to consult your diary or would like time to consider your options, you will be sent an appointment request letter so you can book an appointment at a later date. As soon as you have attended your appointment, your treatment will proceed from there.

“There are many benefits to choosing St Hugh’s. Your specialist consultant will personally oversee your treatment from start to finish. We have comfortable modern, private facilities, and fresh bedding on electronically operated beds with in-room entertainment and en-suites. There are low waiting times and rapid access to specialists, free parking, and an in-house catering team with great menu choices.”

If you have any queries regarding patient referrals to St Hugh’s, call the Choose and Book team on 01472 251100.